Summary of Registry Hack for 818pro and 838

都係個句la, 改Registry 的野, 自己take 返個risk la.

更改818 pro 相片及影片 File儲存地方
0 改 1

EDGE [E] icon instead of GPRS [G]
HKLM\Drivers\BuiltIn\RIL\EnableDifferGprsEdgeIcon" value="1″
(Original Value = 0)

GPS icon and settings in start-settings-connections
HKLM\ControlPanel\GPS Settings, make a Dword Group=2, delete the string “redirect".

Change Scroll Bar (Smaller)
Change the width of the vertical scroll bar and the height of the horizontal scroll bar so they take less room on the screen:

Change cxVScr to (say) 9 to make vertical scrollbar narrower. Default value is 13
Change cyHScr to (say) 9 to make horizontal scrollbar narrower. Default value is 13

Cleartype in landscape mode

Enable your built-in Lunar calendar
Set the value of “ShowLunarCalendar" 0 to 1
Open your calender program and click the on right-bottom Menu -> View -> Lunar

Restoring Today Item: WiFi, BT and Phone Connection Status

Create “Wireless" use Key

Speed Improvement of WM5
將 limit 內的 Value data 改為 32768
Original Value = 131072

將 CacheSize 內的 Value data 改為 4096
Original Value = 0

將 ReplStoreCacheSize 內的 Value data 改為 4096 (8192)
Original Value = 0

將 DataCacheSize 內的 Value data 改為 4096
及將 Flags 內的 Value data 改為 40

For Step 4, if your PDA don’t have this registry, add new registry and use dword value.

Disable menu animations to increase performance:
Change “AniType" from “6″ (default) to “0″ (disabled).

Make sure bluetooth is alive during a conversation. If you ever have trouble with BT timing out, try:
Change the Sleep key from a 1 to 0.

Increase camera frames per second
This tweak will let you increase the frames per second of the video camera to make more fluent movies:
HKEY_Local Machine\Software\HTC\Camera\ReParam\MP4Large (or Medium or Small).

You will see DWORD value such as BitRate, ATimetoWrite, FrameRate and much more.Change value you like.

Activate WLAN G Mode for dopod 838
Create DWORD “dot11SupportedRateMask=1”
Create DWORD “dot11SupportedRateMaskG=8

Unlock hidden ROM:

HIDDEN: (Original Setting)


Have 9.94MB at Extend ROM

Hear clearly voice during phone call.

Original value is 19

You can set other value to try and make you feel comfortable voice.

Increase sound volume
818 Pro經測試範圍是:65536 — 70000



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