Chris Gardner

[電影] 尋找快樂的故事  , 當幸福來敲門

克利斯·嘉德納(Chris Gardner),美國著名的股票經紀人。他曾經背著醫療儀器四處推銷,處處碰壁。他曾經因事業失敗,無錢交稅還款,無家可回,帶著兒子睡在地鐵衛生間,排隊等待救濟。在路上他為一輛紅色法拉利的優美外形著迷,問車主是做什麼的。車主說:股票經紀人。這為他打開一扇新的大門。若干年後,他創辦了自己的股票經紀公司,遠遠超出了當初的夢想。但他時至今日卻是手佩兩隻手錶,為了讓自己永遠準時。他仍然雄心勃勃,不斷挑戰自身。不但要做股票經紀,還要讓他的名字成為家喻戶曉的品牌,如同Oprah Winfrey. 



In 1982, Chris Gardner was just another go-getter in the training program at Dean Witter’s San Francisco office, making $1,000 a month. He was also homeless. Gardner couldn’t afford both day care for his 20-month-old son, whom he was raising alone, and a place to live.

So for a year he and Chris Jr. slept where they could – cheap hotel rooms in West Oakland, a shelter at a church in the Tenderloin, under his office desk, even, on occasion, the bathroom at the Bay Area Rapid Transit MacArthur station. He remembered the words of his mother, Bettye Jean Triplett, another single parent, who grew up during the Depression outside Rayville, La., where slavery was still a living memory: “You can only depend on yourself. The cavalry ain’t coming."


His period of homelessness -devastating at the time – has become the dramatic center to his life story, the part that makes people stop and listen. But his sincerity is also compelling. Gardner is using his personal history – plus his persistence and manifest charisma – to sell the sense of possibility that he never lost.

So Gardner worked, making 200 calls a day to snag clients for Dean Witter. “Every time I picked up the phone," he recalls, “I knew I was getting closer to digging myself out of the hole." Within five years he had opened his own institutional brokerage firm in Chicago called Gardner Rich, which is still thriving today.

Then, in 2002, a story on local TV set in motion a series of events that will culminate this December, when a movie based on his life, “The Pursuit of



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