www.KodakExpress.com.hk 服務終止通知


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http://www.KodakExpress.com.hk 服務終止通知


重要訊息: 有關www.KodakExpress.com.hk 服務終止通知
Important: http://www.KodakExpress.com.hk service termination notice


感謝各位多年來一直對 www.KodakExpress.com.hk 的支持及惠顧。基於業務方針的轉變,www.KodakExpress.com.hk 將服務至2009年 6 月23 日,並於2009年7月起,一個全新的全球網頁 – http://www.KodakExpress.com 將會投入服務。在這全新網站,你將可以找到最全面的影像資訊- 包括Kodak Express的產品、服務、推廣資訊及店舖資料等等,定必滿足你所有的影像需求。 敬請密切留意。
至於www.KodakExpress.com.hk現有服務如影像儲存空間、網上晒相、及會員積分等服務將於2009年 6 月24 日起終止 。會員可憑現存之積分於2009年 4月1日至6月14日期間換取指定優惠券及禮品。有關服務變動會員積分獎賞兌換 之詳情,請連結至有關網頁。
Thank you for your support and loyalty to www.KodakExpress.com.hk.To cope with the market demand change, www.KodakExpress.com.hk service will be terminated from June 24th onwards.From July, 2009 , a brand new worldwide website –www.KodakExpress.com will be launched into service. From this new website, you can find the most comprehensive information including Kodak Express products, services, promotion and shop details – information for all your photo needs

The current services offered by www.KodakExpress.com.hk, e.g. free memory storage, online printing, and member points program etc will be terminated from June 24th onwards.Between Apr 1 – June 14, 2009,members can use their accumulated member points to redeem selected coupons and gifts. For more information regarding the affected services and the member points redemption program, please click to visit the relevant content pages.

To ensure that all affected users will receive this important message, we may send this email again in the future. We apologize for any inconvenience that may cause to you.






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