Word 07 Supports WordPress

Word 07 Supports WordPress 

Word 07 Supports WordPress

For those WordPress users that already do not know, Microsoft’s new Word 2007 now supports publishing posts to blogs powered by services such as WordPress, TypePad, Blogger, and Live Spaces. It doesn’t exactly support every feature most blogging admin panels include, but is still a decent editor. I recommend using it to write out the text, spell check, and save the post as a draft. Then, once complete, login to your admin panel to format everything and finally publish.

If own Word 2007 and don’t plan to use it to blog, I recommend trying it since it’s extremely easy to setup. Just follow this tutorial and you should be able to start publishing articles within 2-3 minutes.

(Note: Tutorial is specific to WordPress. Click on thumbnails for larger pics)

MS Word 2007 Setup Procedure:
1) Open a Microsoft Word Document

Word 2007 Blog Document

2) Hit the new Office Button Then select Publish -> Blog
3) If prompted to register, select “Register Now”

Word 2007 New Account

4) Choose WordPress from the dropdown and hit “Next”

Word 2007 Blog Setup

5) Enter your exact WP blog URL followed by “/xmlrpc.php”
6) Then enter your WP username and password and press OK

Once complete, you should receive a “Account registration successful.” in a few seconds. You may now enter a Post Title, Insert Categories you have previously created and write your article. When ready you may either directly publish it or save it as a draft for later from the dropdown. Word 07 also allows editing recent documents you have published by using the “Open Existing” button. If you need any help or having problems, you are welcome to ask questions in the comments.


Gallery2 Uploading for Vista

One of the nice features of Gallery2 is the ability to upload pictures directly to your online gallery from your hard drive by clicking the option publish this in the Explorer sidebar. However, in Vista you loose the publishing option in Explorer. But never fear! Where there is good software, there is a good programmer that finds a way to accomplish the task.

After scouring the gallery forums I found my answer. In the Gallery plugin experimental repository there is a upgrade to the WindowsXP Publish (v1.07) module called Publish XP (v1.07.1). Who knows why they didn’t just call it Windows Publish? After upgrading to the latest version of the module:

  1. Go to Add Items => WindowsXP => and download the registry file specifically labeled for Vista.
  2. After the registry file is successfully added, go into Windows Photo
    Gallery and select the pictures that you want to upload to gallery.
  3. Press print => Order prints. Amongst the online printers will be your online gallery.

For the gallery forum topic follow the link bellow.

Add items with Windows XP (Vista) | Gallery